Friday, June 24, 2011

LED Cube, why you a maka me so crazy!

Do I have the wrong transistors!?

So in trying to make a 3x3x3 LED cube I've learned a number of things.  First, my soldering skills were horrible when I started and by the end they were mediocre, but  passable.  I had so many crappy solder points that I didn't do right early on that I've only just gotten it so that I can connect ground to any of the 'rings' and a postive to the column and light up each individual LED, so my LED's and solder are working now.  Yay, for the basics!

So now I've followed an Instructable called LED Cube and Arduino Lib I followed the instructions as best I could as a few steps had been left out either because they were totally obvious to anyone that understands electronics (not me) or the guy that made it just didn't think they were needed.  Anyways it left me guessing in a few parts but I tried loading the sketch to my Arduino Uno and got absolutely nothing.  I think the problem might be with the transistors I used (2N2222).  So now I'm so frustrated I'm trying to write my own sketch where I can just light up a single light at a time and build it from there at least that way I'll understand how the code interfaces with the ATmega328 chip on the Arduino board. It's been a long time since I did anything with the C programming language so I'm rusty with my coding and building my own libraries so I've been having to slowly go through all the tutorials I can find for creating Arduino sketches. 

Light pen drawing with a custom made "light pen" LED
 I made with extra parts I had lying around.
As frustrating as it can get when I can't figure it out, when it all finally just falls together; makes sense and the project works right it's fucking amazing.  Just gotta start out small with proof of concepts projects and then refine it and make it awesome.


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