Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summers over, I'm able to focus again...

Not the greatest work space, but I do love the view

Late night post, forgive the rambling...

Well I'm back, somehow I made it through the summer.  It was a rough one with my father passing away in June and being short staffed at my job, but really it was the depression and grieving that sucked all the wind out of my sails.  I'd wanted to be up to a 5x5x5 cube with an Arduino Uno and some shift registers by the end of the summer.  I had only just built a 3x3x3 cube at the beginning of the summer and was wrapping my head around the whole thing when my father passed away.  I did play around a little with the 3x3x3 cube, but I didn't really do much in the way of tweaking the code or trying to do anything beyond the original basic patterns the original author of the sketch had done.  When I rebuilt my 3x3x3 cube using rails I also built a 4x4x4 cube green LED's (also with rails), but I didn't do anything with it until the last couple of days.  Using the code for the 3x3x3 cube I began tweaking it to work with my 4x4x4 cube.  With all the code work I'm really starting to understand the fundamentals of how these cubes work and how to build my own patterns.  The problem is that all of this just makes me want a larger cube where I can do increasingly intricate patterns.
I gotta dig through my old computer gear and find all my ribbon cables.

I'll be trying to post regularly again as I've got a whole bunch of  electronics projects I've been researching that I'm really excited to dig into.  Living in Juneau, Alaska and with winter fast approaching I figure I'm going to be having a lot more time to work on projects in the evenings since it's going to be cold and dark as hell around here real soon.

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