Thursday, May 10, 2012

I think all my 3D printer parts are in

1 kilogram spool of PLA plastic @ 3mm diameter
I went through all the hardware for my 3D printer and besides missing a couple washers it looks like I'm all set to build a reprap Prusa Mendel v2.

Hobbed Bolt for the filament feed on the 3D printer

I got another notice in my mailbox that I've got another package.  This should be for the digital calipers and infrared thermometer which are needed for the calibration process.  I tried to pick up the package this morning, but the apartment's office was closed.  I should be able to grab the package before the weekend which means I'll be building the frame and hopefully mounting the electronics this weekend.

Threaded Rod and Linear straight rod for the 3D printers frame and print bed.

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