Saturday, November 14, 2015

Clawing my way out of the hole I've dug for myself

So......   Ummm.... Yeah.

So you know things aren't going all that great personally when you throw yourself into your work and don't do much of anything else.  Eventually though it either kills you or you find a way to turn that corner and get back to the things you care about.  I'm still not sure if I'm actually turning that corner or just kidding myself, but I figure things have got to change and while I've been trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps I realized that's actually impossible and it's time to get back to basics and start slowly clawing my way out of this hole I've dug.

I've been playing around with the MSGEQ7 chip for building graphic EQ's with LED's as I never completely finished the LED cube project from last winter/spring and am trying to get myself up to speed so I can finish the cube with all the add ons I really wanted.  To achieve that goal I figured it would be best to break out the various components into their basic pieces and begin building them into their own circuits so I could narrow my focus and learn each component individually.  Which means I need to get a better understanding of all the new IC's and chips I've never dealt with before.    While playing around with the MSGEQ7 I became curious about how it actually breaks apart audio into individual frequency bands and that led me to spending an inordinate amount of time learning about the Discrete Fourier Transform equation.  Which in and of itself created a lifetime worth of further research since it's the corner stone of nearly all digital signal processing and is also a key component of a lot of encryption and in general is just really mathematically fascinating as it feels like the swiss army knife of math equations for programming some really interesting things.

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