Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything's Changing... yay

I feel a fit of productivity coming on, got some electronics projects in the works.  I'll be ordering the parts in a few weeks and then it's all breadboards, arduino microcontrollers, and a ton of LED's.  Might as well get back into electronics with a fun project.  Still bouncing between two really fun ideas I'm either going to build a tall standing LED paper lamp with white LED's for normal mode and a piezoelectric mic and RGB LED's for music visualization.  Having never gotten to play with an arduino microcontroller I'm still unsure if it will be able to handle the array of LED's or not.  Other idea is just building something ridiculous like an LED cube just because it looks neat.

First I've gotta just get down the basics, so I'm ordering some stuff from a few electronics kit sites and a few grab bags of capacitors, resistors, and LED's with a breadboard and a batter pack to start doing some really basic electronics as I get this all figured out.

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