Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheap Touch Interface for anything (A.K.A. Johnny Lee is too smart)

I've been working on a pretty simple touch interface using an irLED (infrared LED)pen, a Wiimote from the Nintendo Wii and a cheap USB blue tooth dongle to turn my projector into a really big kick ass touch screen.  This is all based around the YouTube video at the top of this post by Johnny Chung Lee showing off the whole idea and offering  up some basic code and instructions on how to do it all at this website    He's got a few other really cool hacks you can do with a Wiimote as well that are really worth checking out.  The 3D head tracking display that converts any video source into this crazy quasi 3D effect is pretty amazing.

My hope is that I could temporarily hang my projector from the ceiling with a Wiimote and project an image onto my white kitchen table to play board games and such.  While it sounds like great fun I think it would require a lot of programming to get to that point as well as a few other technological hurdles to get around.  Building the irLED pens I was thinking what it might take to get a second button and irLED light on the pen to create a modified right click ability with the pen.  That's pretty much my weekend project, if I can get it working I have a handfull of friends that are teachers that might be interested in turning their projector into a touch system for under $50 dollars.

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