Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well, that was a damned rough winter...

So things got a little "crazy town" around the holidays this year.  I guess it was more or less expected to happen to my siblings and my self since our father passed away last summer, but while it was a long rough scrape through the holidays this year I feel like it helped us finally close that book and to be able to continue forward.

Now with that fairly depressing bit of info behind us let's move onto far more interesting topics.  While I haven't been posting on here regularly I have been working on electronics and reading quite a bit on them as well.  While initially I was content to follow someone else's instructions to build electronics I'm now trying to dig into the actual theory and math behind how it all works because in the end I have some ideas I'd love to build, but don't quite have the technical know how to do them myself and I plan to outline some of these ideas in the coming months and try to make some of them into a reality.  For now I've pretty much shelved the LED cube, it was fun and some great soldering practice, but after building a 4x4x4 cube and learning the ins and outs of programming it I'm kind of over the whole thing (I'll try to post up my results shortly).  I did learn a ton of really useful information from building them and I think it was a great first project to get my feet wet, but I want to build something that's actually useful and not just a nifty looking new age digital lava lamp for geeks... although they are wicked awesome.

One of the projects I've been working on is one I posted on a few posts back, which is using a Nintendo Wiimote and an IR LED in a pen as a functional touch interface with either a projector or computer screen.  I had some limited luck, but the main problem was that the LED grab bag I got from Jameco had tons of IR LED's in it, but most were very low brightness and didn't track well with the Wiimote.  I just received a large shipment from Jameco and another smaller shipment from Adafruit of 25 super bright IR LED's so I'm set to make some pens and play around with the touch interface.

Oh, and uh... Rocksmith... still pretty damned awesome

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