Saturday, April 14, 2012 test purchase

An original, made in Italy Arduino UNO,
we'll see how the Chinese models stack up in comparison.

I stumbled across a post on reddit's subreddit /r/arduino titled  How I got my Arduino for $10.41 with free shipping, and some other tips for getting related stuff really cheap.  It was a post about some dude getting his electronics through When I checked the website the prices seemed a little too good to be true even if a lot of it was just potentially clone knock offs.  They were located out of Hong Kong and coincidentally my sister is currently living there and she's mentioned some of the crazy cheap prices she pays for some electronics she's bought there.  So maybe the prices weren't too good to be true.  Anyways long story short I ordered two Arduino nano v3, two Arduino UNO's, one Arduino MEGA 2560 and a couple of cheap sensors and a 16x2 LCD screen.  I ordered all of this on 3/26/2012 and got a note in my mailbox to check with the office at my apartment complex on 4/13/2012 (18 days for an international order isn't too shabby), but  the office was closed by the time I checked my mail on Friday.  So I'll be picking up my buyincoins order Monday and getting a chance to see what kind of quality the boards are.  I'm hoping I'll be able to use the MEGA with the RAMPS board and pololu stepper drivers for my reprap prusa build as that will save me about $50 off the cost.

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