Monday, April 30, 2012

TimeLapse Camera hack

For building my 3D printer I was thinking of setting up a my Canon to capture a time lapse of the whole build over the course of however many nights it takes me to build the whole thing.  I found this guide for building a super simple camera trigger and using a firmware upgrade called CHDK.  I've used CHDK before on my camera, but it was a few years ago.  This might just be the perfect use of an arduino nano, 16x2 LCD screen and a few TACT buttons to navigate a simple menu system.  Ideally I'd like to set this whole thing up to tie into a 3D scanner I've been looking at building.  For the short term I'd be happy if I could have it take a picture every one or two minutes during the build.  I have an 8GB SD card so it can hold thousands of pics so storage for all the shots shouldn't be an issue.  If I don't get around to doing that I do have a 720p webcam that I've used in the past.  Still not entirely sure I want a video of me beating my head against the wall as I run into problems that I'm just going to assume will happen as there are so many different things that can go wrong while building a 3D printer.

DIY Shutter Release Cable for Canon Cameras


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